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6 Steps to Building a Custom Home

Phase 4: Construction

At this stage, construction finally begins. “The construction phase is easy,” notes Hibbs. “If you’ve done everything right – determining needs and desires, finding a lot, going through the design process and the selection phase – the construction phase takes care of itself.”

Interior of a custom new home, mid-construction. Image courtesy of Hibbs Homes

Hibbs homes typically take about a year to construct, but can take from 6 to 18 months. The number one item that can disrupt the process, Hibbs says, is if the architect does not meet deadlines. Number two is when the buyer does not stay on time making selections.

“As a custom builder,” says Hibbs, “we expect some changes. However, we make sure everyone understands up front that, with a change order, no work will be done in the field until an approval doc is signed and we have a PO from whatever vendor is involved.”

Construction crewing placing trusses on a new custom home.

Phase 5: Closing, walk-through, final checks & move-in

This last phase in Hibbs schedule covers closing, a walk-through one week prior to move-in, review of product operation and warranty elements, punch list completion, and move-in.