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Designing and building your own home is usually a once in a lifetime experience. As a unique experience it should be memorable for all the right reasons. To realise your turnkey dream home, on time and on budget, you need absolute trust in the whole team working to make your vision a reality; a trust which can only grow through complete transparency of building costs and regard for the budget and planning constraints particular to your project.

As a pioneer of ecological house-building, we offer the full range of options for efficient energy use. Whether photovoltaic, pellet heating systems, heat pumps, fuel cells, internal current storage or solar thermal systems – our offer is as diverse as our clients and their houses themselves. And even the absolute world premiere from the Baufritz research team – a healthy, virtually flicker-free LED light – you can be a pioneer with us. With Baufritz you combine cutting-edge technology and ecological construction in one.

Healthy and ecological living conditions are not a passing fad for Baufritz or a bandwagon it has jumped on. Our foremost conviction has always been that health starts when we build a home. Health is at the centre of everything we do as a company. We also work hard every day to prove that we can protect our environment despite growing human needs and interventions and we create healthy working conditions in our team. Baufritz – that stands for healthy working, a healthy home, a healthy life.