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Carports of glued laminated timber

We offer high quality carports of various dimensions directly from the manufacturer

Carports production process
Check out our carports production video.

Carports – Quality:
For our production we use only premium quality timber, which makes our carports both durable and good looking.Our carports are made of very high-quality, calibrated and strength graded C24 timber. We only use 13-meter-long, finger-jointed construction timber, which is why all the rafter elements are in full length, it is not necessary to prolong the wood.With over a decade of experience in home building, we have what it takes to provide efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction.We will respond to your emails and questions as soon as possible, if necessary also on weekends.

Production of carports
Skills – Experience – Quality

What do we offer?
Good to know

The set includes:

  • Glue laminated timber posts 140x140mm
  • Rafters of glued laminated timber 120x160mm
  • Roof beams of glued laminated timber 140x240mm
  • Pillars and diagonals of glued laminated timber 140x140mm
  • Screws and all necessary fasteners
  • Drawings in PDF and DWG Format
  • Installation instructions
  • Delivery time approx. 1 – 2 working days (products in stock)
The set does not include:
  • Roof cover
  • Post shoes
  • Painting
Extras and additional services:
  • Painting
  • Delivery