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Modular and transportable hotel suites by in-tenta design can be ‘dropped’ into location

barcelona-based studio, in-tenta design, has developed the new ‘DROP box‘ collection of modular and transportable hotel suites. the revised series comprises of units which are manufactured off-site, then simply transported and quickly assembled in any setting. the concept aims to provide an alternative to traditional hotel accommodation by facilitating users with a comfortable and unique stay in the most remote natural locations.

all images © in-tenta design

the newly launched 2.4 meter-wide modules by in-tenta are transportable suites that without foundations create little or no impact on the surrounding environment. the units are transported mounted via a trailer or a container ship. available in three sizes, the largest can accommodate either a couple or a family of four. some modules even feature a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom, double bed space with panoramic views and outdoor terrace, with a minimum occupation of the land.

the DROP box N-240 modular suites are transported via a trailer or a container ship

the suites are framed with timber, a naturally renewable and sustainable building material, and come in two different exterior finishes: natural wood cladding or composite panels made of cement and wood particles. the cement-wood panels are a low-maintenance material, non toxic and impermeable to water. there are several colors to choose from that present a non-homogeneous appearance. all the hotel suites of the collection are highly versatile, providing a highly comfortable stay from which the guests will enjoy new experiences while still remaining respectful of the environment.