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Modular and volumetric experts to share knowledge at modular matters

Taking place on 22 October at the National Conference Centre, Birmingham, this year’s Modular Matters conference and exhibition will demonstrate the versatile application of modular and volumetric technology in all sectors
The Modular Matters event will highlight the latest developments, innovations and investments in the volumetric and modular space, providing opportunities to engage with supply chain pioneers, designers, specifiers, engineers and clients.
Most prevalent with developers working to budgets and rapid construction schedules, modular and volumetric building technology is relevant to all sectors. As offsite construction is quickly becoming the preferred delivery model, it is important that modular building is considered for the entire construction industry.
Modular Matters is set to showcase the volumetric and modular solutions available for education, leisure, student accommodation, private residential, affordable housing and specialist applications.
Alongside a selection of major exhibitions, a number of speakers will be presenting at the event, including experts from Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Barclays Bank, M-AR Offsite, AMDAS, Blacc, HTA Design and Tophat. The consistently well-attended event serves to provide a positive return on investment and supportive knowledge share.

In partnership with MPBA

Modular Matters is organised in partnership with the Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA), the UK’s leading organisation for guidance and technical information in the volumetric and modular arena. Representing some of the most renowned modular and volumetric providers, the MPBA will be on hand to discuss your modular queries and identify build solutions for your upcoming projects.
Having gained considerable momentum over the past few years, modular construction already makes up 60-70% of offsite manufacture and reduces build times by an impressive 50-60%. At the forefront of offsite techniques, modular building has had a remarkable impact on reducing costs while increasing quality and safety measures in the construction sphere that we can only expect to grow.
There is plenty of scope for modular technologies to enhance all sectors, improving productivity and lowering costs. Now solutions for housebuilding targets have been plotted using modular construction techniques, the offsite sector is making headway with endorsements from the government and other industry key players to improve construction practices in often overlooked industries. The MPBA will be able to advise you on the best routes for modular and volumetric builds in your industry.

Don’t miss Modular Matters

Since the 2018 Modular Matters conference and exhibition, the sector has seen unprecedented growth and investment from worldwide major brands, including Sekisui House and Goldman Sachs. Though modular and volumetric building practices are not new concepts, recent improvements in technology, evolving economic trends and ecological pressures are turning heads towards the modular industry. Now, mature digital tools are enabling efficient module design and optimising transportation logistics. Paired with the growing choice of material claddings available, these developments are rapidly changing consumer perception of prefabricated buildings.
By attending Modular Matters, you will be able to share insightful discussions, learn from modular experts and attend numerous high-level inspiring presentations. Tickets are £125 + VAT, and this is fully inclusive of lunch and all refreshments.