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Oikos houses, innovative modular mobile homes made of wood

international company oikos housing designs modular homes built to last with chosen materials which are friendly to nature. in these mobile units, smart architectural design meets modern building solutions, made with the purpose of creating a sustainable eco-house using materials available on site.

oikos modules can be set up anywhere and later separated from the plot, resold or combined with other modules. they can be added to another module or dismantled into its individual boards, which could then be reused. timber has a great advantage of being relatively light, which means it can placed on top of existing flat-roofed buildings.

the growing need for sustainable and environmentally compatible buildings led us to rediscover the value of building with wood,’ explains the design team. ‘its characteristics as a renewable raw material, as a healthy, versatile and flexibly combinable building material, ensure that building and living with wood will become far more widespread. wood is also gaining popularity for its aesthetic qualities and has all the advantages that are valued today and will be in the future: healthy indoor climate, a high feel-good factor, modern design and an energy-conscious method of construction.’

oikos houses are available in five configurations varying in the layouts and areas — from 9 to 38 sqm —, they are called ‘kompact’, ‘korner’, ‘kubus’, ‘kvadro’, and ‘kover’. depending on the use and location, the clients can choose the option that fits them the best.