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Prefabricated Houses - Norges Hus Nova - from 28.800.-€

Prefabricated Houses – from 28.800.-€

Prefabricated Houses – Norges Hus Nova – from 28.800.-€

Prefabricated Houses - Norges Hus Nova - from 28.800.-€

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Norges Hus Nova OÜ is a company based in Estonia, specializing in manufacturing and mounting of prefabricated timber-frame houses across Europe. Our houses can be found in Scandinavia, Central Europe and in Mediterranean countries.

Both our production department and office are located in Tallinn. We currently have more than 20 employees who take care of sales, visual and technical drawings, production, project management, etc.

We are firmly convinced that it is possible to build a stable house of high quality, which will correspond to Norwegian requirements and regulations at affordable price. Every house is designed with care, competence, experience and impeccable quality.

The structure of our timber-frame houses has been developed taking into consideration the specific climatic requirements and building rules in Norway. We use only high quality solid construction timber.

We understand that combining good, cost-effective building science with the right products and materials can help create a home that s healthier and more efficient – while being kind to the environment.

With over a decade of experience in home building, Norges Hus has what it takes to provide quality products, quality construction and customer satisfaction.

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Our prices include factory package:

• Insulated exterior walls with wooden cladding
• Bearing internal walls frames, supplied as material (in projects that involve bearing walls)
• Rainproof roof construction (trusses)
• PVC windows

We don’t offer turnkey-ready solutions.

You can change the room layout if you wish. In case of minor changes the price of the house will remain the same. If you want to build according to your own project, we can prepare an individual quote based on your drawings.

Delivery times are ca. 6 – 8 weeks. By prior arrangement, you can visit our factory near Tallinn, Estonia, and see the elements.

Delivery and installation can be ordered from us for an additional price. Installation of a house shell takes, depending on a house type, 2 – 7 days.

The house drawings needed for applying for a building permit can be ordered from us. They’re included in the factory package. If necessary, our partners will also assist you in applying for a building permit at a local authority for an additional fee.

Unfortunately, we do not provide foundation construction services.

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